Claudia & Wally

Wally and I were going on vacation to Italy; two weeks before we left we decided to take our engagement photos while we were there. So the hunt began for an amazing photographer in Italy. I searched Instagram, wedding blogs, etc. tirelessly. Then, one day I stumbled upon the CabLookFotoLab Instagram and I immediately fell in love with Darya’s work. I reached out to her to see if she was available while we were in Florence. I heard from her within a couple of days and she told me she was booked solid for 5 days straight. I was so upset to learn she wasn’t available, but like any other bride, I was determined and hopeful. So, I wrote her back and asked if anyone had canceled within the week we were to be in Florence, to please let me know. The following day Darya wrote back to tell me she had made some arrangements with one of her clients and was able to take our engagement photos. I was ecstatic!!!

From the very beginning Darya was so accommodating. She booked my MUAH and got my bouquet for the day of. The MUAH did an amazing job! And my bouquet was the perfect size and the exact colors I had told Darya I wanted. Everything was going according to plan. When we met Darya she had just gotten off a 10 hour train ride. Yes! She took a 10 hour train ride to come and meet with us -- because that is how amazing she is.  This is one of the many reasons why she is the best photographer ever! She was kind and sweet, gave us plenty of direction and made us feel comfortable. She has a je ne sais quoi about her that makes her so special. We received our photos within a month and let me just say she did not disappoint. I cried as I went thru them; they were everything we could ever hope for.


Claudia & Wally

Alevtina & Timur


We had pictures taken only on the day itself, with majority of guest flying from all over the world. Hence the balance between needed photography and the wedding party was very important to us. Darya’s ability to make us feel at ease and comfortable, while being ruthlessly efficient, made all the difference. Having a great laugh and giving clear directions of the frame helped us a lot.

For the ceremony and dinner we could really be ourselves and enjoy the event. It was no surprise our photos came out to be great!

Thank you Darya for making our day that special!

Dina & Alberto

I was looking for a wedding photographer in Italy and with a wave of a magic wand, I found Dasha! 
I liked everything: from the photography style to the photographer herself. Later I found, that Dasha The Beauty is also a beauty blogger)) 
Thank you, ever so much, for your advice! Not only regarding the shooting, but also related to the wedding prep. It was stressful for me because firstly, everything was taking place in Italy; secondly, almost all the guests were Italians. We organized everything ourselves and I had tons of questions to Dasha. 
Thanks for recommendations: Peony, Silky Rivers, the cameraman – everything was beyond praise. And of course the photos themselves! The film is just something incredible! How cool is that you managed to convince us   It’s a little bit sad that we couldn’t spend more time for individual photo shooting at the villa, but my impatient husband was eager to go back to guests) Tremblingly we look through our photo cards and these the most priceless memories. I hope that we’ll come back to you for more photo sessions) 
Good luck with all your projects! 
Dina & Alberto 


Darya and I originally connected through my blog and when I saw her work, I knew that she was someone who creates the magical type of things that I love showcasing. I was in Italy (where Darya is based) doing my own styled shoot and the day before, my original photographer had to cancel. I remembered Darya was working in Italy and I contacted her immediately. I was so thrilled that she was open and excited to photograph my styled shoot the next day within such short notice. I was relieved and excited to have her on board since I had seen her beautiful work and I knew I would be in good hands. She came to me with great enthusiasm and she was so easy to work with. Her creative direction was just what we needed for the shoot and the images turned out beautifully. I look forward to working with this talented lady again in the future!


Hi everyone! I’d like to share my shooting experience with Dasha! Well, at first, everything written above is a simple truth! Dasha is indeed a remarkably open, nice, and sincerely supporting person! She was by my side from the initial moment of the plan, preparation, always gave a full and detailed answer to questions and dispelled all the doubts)) The shooting itself went by as an instant of time, it was so easy and such a pleasure to work with Dasha! Plus, the absence of language barrier in Europe – and you get your ideal photographer! And the most important, do you know what makes Dasha different from other photographers? For some, it is just their job, but for her –it’s her entire life and art! 


Dasha! It was difficult for me to choose a photographer for our wedding photo session as I’m very picky   There were many of those who wanted to shoot us in Italy, but there was always something I didn’t particularly like. Before I saw your artworks! When I saw them, I gasped and told my future groom: that’s it, we’re not searching anymore! Firstly, the style of photographs… You have a special one, “yours”. Very tender pictures, nice colors. Secondly, it’s very obvious that you have a fine sense of art) What is very, very important! Our shooting went on fast and at the touch of a button – just as we wanted) It’s easy to work with you! But surprised me the most was your ultra-professional attitude to work. I’ll never forget how you taught me to “breath with my lips” and shake my hand every now and then   To arrange the newlyweds in a nice pose is one thing, but to give them other helpful hints – is something totally different   I wasn’t worried at all about what pictures we will get in the end! I was rock-solid)) and my expectations were justified! We got some really nice pictures and, of no small importance, quite fast!   I’m very happy that it was you who captured the most essential moments of Our day. THANK YOU! You’re the best! 


Our love story shooting took place in April 2015. I spend a lot of time looking for a photographer and was satisfied neither with prices nor with the results. Later I learned that Dasha is not only a fashion blogger but also a photographer. And after looking through her portfolio I had no doubt about who’s going to capture our emotions in Italy. Besides helping to find the right outfits, she selected the locations for us in advance, took us around in her car and helped us relax during the shooting. Two weeks after we received photos from the film and a few months later – the digitals. We are very satisfied with the result and more than 1000 words can tell you our pictures. 


I am so thrilled with the photographs Darya created for our engagement photos!  We live in California and I spent a lot of time searching for the right photographer to do an engagement session in Venice.  Darya was clearly the right choice! My fiance and I do not have much experience with having our photos taken, and would have felt awkward if not for Darya's constant guidance in terms of posing, expressions, etc. The final photos look so natural -- I can't believe it's actually us, and we couldn't have done it without Darya's help!  She is truly an artist and a professional. Not only do we love the photos, but it was also a pleasure to spend the day with Darya. She is so kind and funny.  I would recommend Darya to ANYBODY looking for a photographer, and hope to have another session with her when we return to Italy!


Dasha!!! A wonderful and radiant personality, giant of a man and talent!!! Our first meeting during the New Year’s eve despite anything, special thanks for that. I accidently saw Dasha’s pieces of work on Instagram and also wanted to get some special photos as our New Year’s trip memento. And so on January 2nd in the early foggy Milanese morning at Piazza del Duomo we were walking and cozily talking, walking the stairs on the top of the cathedral… Dasha is a true hero with 10kgs of weight in her shoulders (what I learned about far after). It seems to me, I don’t even remember when I was taken pictures of, that the time flew, like I met someone very dear to me whom I haven’t seen in a long time. At times I think how important it is for a photographer to have a clean body and soul..and Dasha has it all that’s why it is so free and easy around her. Dasha, I’m very thankful to you, with all my heart. 


We fell in love with Dasha’s works from the first sight and right away decided that we wanted to have these fairytale-ish photos as a memento. The result exceeded all our expectations, the pictures appeared to be vibrant, joyful and very special. It is a pleasure to talk to Dasha, you get that feeling that you’ve known her for ages, no awkward moments or constraints. She has a special gift of turning everything into a play. We spent the time so fine walking around the city and talking about everything in the world, and as a result, we received wonderful, sunlit pictures that we want to look through over and over again. Dasha, once again thanks a lot for your talent, generosity and advice, and that you lend your soul to a task! We wish you success in your artwork; let everything you dream about come true! Look forward to meeting you soon and new amazing photos! 
Tatyana & Yan 


Dasha, thank you ever so much for your incredible photographs through which you caught the spirit of our wedding day and our true emotions towards each other! Special thanks for discovering film photography to us – they’re indeed incredible! 
Exactly one year ago, a couple of months later after my now-husband=) proposed to me, we started thinking about how we would like to spend our wedding day. Almost at once we decided that it’s not going to be in Russia. And our choice fell on Montenegro. We started to look for a photographer right after we determined the location for the ceremony. After spending a couple of weeks studying the websites of local Montenegro photographers I understood that none of them suited us – their pictures were so cliché, full of “old school”, excessively saturated with artificial colors… And searching went on. Some time later the fate brought us to an amazing Dasha, who replied to our “photographer wanted” ad. Dasha is a wonderful, very kind person with radiant personality, and we got along right off! All the wedding day Dasha helped us to relax, calmed us and was just there. She is excellent company and sometimes we even forgot that we were taken pictures of) And the love story we shot the next day which we spent so well, that it was hard to believe that we had known Dasha just for 2 days! The result exceeded all our expectations – everything came out to look very tenderly, lively, and sincerely! And a myth about us not being photogenic was dispelled =)))) Dasha, thank you ever so much for being with us and being able to transfer this important day of ours to the film!   You are a true artist, and it was an incredible play of light and medium at a new place! If you are ever around Moscow – get in touch by all means – we’ll meet up for coffee (or wine?))) and laugh again about the “chameleon socks” )))) 
Julia & Kostia 


Dasha is a human being struck on film, photography, beauty, with a good sense and very pleasant aura. Having seen Dasha’s artwork on Instagram, without even thinking about a wedding, I followed her page and observed her creations. This winter I decided to write to her and get some details. After that, I couldn’t think about any other photographer. Dasha’s offer regarding film surprised us at first, we hadn’t even thought about the film. Thank you, Dasha, for discovering it for us! It sure was a discovery, Dasha managed to bring all that beauty to us and we are thankful to bits. I really felt the film, all its tenderness, and softness! Dasha helped to choose an excellent villa in the wonderful region of Veneto! I, honestly, fell in love with her from the first glance, even though I considered other options! When would we ever come to such a far-away but cozy place (I mean the town itself)! We were new to the locals, it was so cute, and all the time spent with the crew we always remember with affection! And the crew selected for the bride – I just can’t describe! Dasha suggested MUAH artist Lidia Malinovskaya and florist-decorator Nazym Kombarova. It is a wonderful crew; everything was done with love to their craft! Without Dasha, I wouldn’t have met these amazing masters of their craft! And that’s not it     Dasha helped us to find suitable accessories, which remain at our home now and “warm” us with the energy of our wedding day. It is easy and nice to work with Dasha, even my man who doesn’t like his pictures taken much, did really well with this task! All of it thanks to Dasha setting the right mood, helping to choose natural and very “artistic” looks. Dasha, grazie mille, cara!!! Thank you for your craft, we wish you great success, you’re doing a great job, always growing. We want more of your works with us. And of course, better than words about Dasha’s mastery can only speak our pictures. 
Julia & Roman 


It was fate that brought us together with Dasha. This is how we always joked between each other. We decided to hold our wedding a year after the proposal. And I was postponing and postponing the preparations. I was looking at my friends and acquaintances – how they nervous were and fought their husband to be's. I was very afraid of that. Plus my quick-tempered character and desire for total control.     And then later, by accident I decided to write Dasha. About photos. And how happy I was that the person with such a fine sense would agree to organize my dream day. How much time did we spend preparing? Exactly one month. They say it’s impossible. But I claim that under complete mutual understanding and eagerness of the organizer one won’t need more time. Dasha created something unreal for me; she squared the circles of our budget. And the only unclear situation that we had ended up as a very heartful conversation after which I fell in love with her even more! She picked up a crew of fairies for me. The best and sincerest specialists. And naturally, I’m crazy about them as well. You think I’m exaggerating? You think it doesn’t work that way? I’m just going to leave a photo from our collaboration and let you judge) I’m thankful for her work and these unreal pictures from a fairytale. I received more than I expected. And I just say thank you. 
Julia & Kostya


Hello, Dasha! 
We are pleased to meet beautiful, touching, kind, joyful, talented, and very cozy you. With your photographs, you bring us back to that time and place, making us experience the same feelings and emotions of that – our day. After viewing the photos - you get disoriented in space. Feeling of complete presence. This is magic! 
Thank you for emotions that ran down my cheeks in tears. From happiness. 
I appreciate that you saw, felt and captured our love, affection, and reverence of the relationship. They breathe, live, and touch the deepest strings of the soul. 
Thank you for the best day, emotions and company! 
With love, Tanya and Roma “Verona Lovers 07/10/15” 
P.S. We’ll be happy to see you in St. Petersburg 
Tatyana & Roman 


Words of boundless appreciation and happiness I would like to share with Darya!!!!! When I started looking for a photographer in Italy and having seen Dasha’s portfolio, I understood right away – that’s what I need! I waited for our trip to Como really just because of the shooting)) I can tell that Dasha isn’t only a photographer; she is a true artist, with a fine sense of light and composition! When my husband, even if he’s not a big art lover, saw the result – his jaw dropped. We are very very very happy that this day and our felicity were captured notably by Dasha. Many thanks for the beauty you give people! Don’t stop and keep on creating this beauty! Kisses! Greetings from Moscow! 


It’s kind of difficult for me to start this review)) My “thank you” to Dasha I have said already so many times because she can really become a savior and helper for a “lost bride” during her most important day and long before it. There is no need to say anything about the results of her work – just take a look at the coolest wedding blogs which already themselves (!!!) are asking Darya for permission to publish her shootings. During this process you’ll feel easy and comfortable: Dasha will teach you how to relax your arms, give a soft glance, and take an elegant pose even if you’re usually petrified in front of the camera. I have to thank you again! For realizing my dream about these exact film photos filled with light and warmth, and keep the memory about a wonderful September day in Toscana, for driving 300km to reach us, for bringing Lida (moreover, she contacted Lida herself, told her about all my preferences regarding make-up and hair), and for staying with us until the very end and catching every single significant moment 
Polina & Danil 


First of all a big THANK YOU DARYA! It is such a pleasure that there are professionals like you that trully love what they do! Thank you for shooting film at our wedding. It is really magical, just as you said.

Because of you we have the amazingly beautiful pictures, moments and details of our very important day.

I'm jealous about your future couple as they are so lucky to have you as a photographer! And I really hope that it is not a last time you did pictures for us!)

Thank you once again! And let the dreams come true)