Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Darya and I’m a fine art destination film photographer specialised in wedding/ portrait/fashion photography.

I live in Italy in the countryside near Milan in a nice house with a garden together with my beloved husband Federico and our 3 adopted cats.

I love my job because I work with happy people. I feel blessed to capture their shining eyes and smiles, and I have goosebumps when I realise that I’m doing the art that will last for decades meaning a whole world for the families, their parents and their children.

Sunrise on the beach
Smell of the sea
Salty kisses
Pastel coloured sky
Our adopted cats
Good Italian wine

I will probably slobber together with your friends&relatives during the ceremony because every single wedding is unique for me and my job is not only “work”, it’s a part of my life.

I put all my soul in my pictures, I try to feel what you feel, to see with your eyes and to put all these emotions in my photography. I

pay a lot of attention to the details and to the true emotions. My weddings&engagements are shot all over the world and I really love shooting destination weddings.

I shoot film because it gives to the pictures this kind of magic that digital doesn’t. As a result you get beautiful light- filled images that evoke the spirit of that day. You will literally feel the wind and smell the air from my pictures.

I would be honoured to be your photographer and to stay by your side on this very special day.